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brice royerAbout Brice Royer

Brice Royer was born to a half French, half Vietnamese father and an Ethiopian mother who has lived most of her life abroad. He grew up in 7 different countries before the age of 18.

In 2007, he founded TCKID, a non-profit organization to give Third Culture Kids a sense of belonging. In 2011, he turned it over to new leadership to ensure the organization can continue to grow.

His perspectives have been featured on the BBC, ABC News, The Telegraph, the U.S Department of Defense and Education Week.

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Phone: 209-753-4869
Email: brice@briceroyer.com

Personal Bio:

At age 19, Brice was surprised by a misdiagnosis of a terminal disease, with no cure or explanation. "You could die.", the doctor told him. He was prescribed a hand splint to immobilize his wrist. For several lonely years, his health deteriorated until it was too painful to lift a pen, take a shower, or even dress himself.

After breaking through his debilitating beliefs and realizing emotional pain caused this chronic pain, he noticed relief from his hand pain in one hour, and a snap of the fingers confirmed the pain was completely gone. He was so surprised and inspired that he promised to devote his life to help others realize that a lack of belonging and emotions can affect their health.

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